FAQ & Who's Who Guide

1. Who are all these people I keep talking about?

I'm not using anyone's real name, but here's a bit of info to help you keep everyone straight.

The Elliot Family - that's my family.
 - Dad - self-explanatory.
 - Elizabeth - my older sister. Lives at home with Dad. Is sort of an interior designer.
 - Mary - my younger sister. Married to Charles, has one son who is 3.
 - Anne - that's me, the middle child. 27. Just moved back home. Trying to figure out life.

Lacy Russell - my godmother and close friend
Charles Musgrove - my brother-in-law, married to Mary. Oldest son of the Musgroves (30), lawyer.

The Musgroves - Charles' parents, Mary's in-laws.
   - Rietta - oldest daughter (23); finishing her undergrad degree, doing an internship in forestry and living at the lodge while she does.  [In my world of aliases, Rietta is short for Henrietta; her real name is similarly shortened and no one has ever used her full name.]
   - Louisa - youngest daughter (21). Has interrupted her undergrad to switch majors and was planning to do a study abroad program starting in January, before an accident in Lyme put that on hold.

The Crofts - a retired couple that is renting our family home while we relocate elsewhere to save money. Sophy Croft (Mrs. Croft) is Wentworth's older sister.

Wentworth - an ex-boyfriend of mine. Mrs. Croft's brother. We had an abrupt parting of ways 8 years ago.

Hal - Rietta's boyfriend.

Will Elliot - Dad's cousin's stepson. About Elizabeth's age. Dad wants to groom him as his business heir. Will has previously rejected this idea but seems to be into it now.

Harvey & Sarah,  Ben Wick - good friends of Wentworth's.  

2. No, really, who are you?

See the 'who am I page'.

3. Why 'Half Hope'?

Well, I've just moved back home at the age of 27, which causes mixed feelings, but I'm viewing this as an opportunity to pursue an idea I have for something that could be really great - which is the half hope part. So 50% of me is hopeful and the other 50% is... a variety of things depending on the time of day and how many cookies I have on hand.

4. Why are you blogging?

Yes, excellent question. I thought it might help me keep my sanity as I embark on this new, less clear path in life. Having an outlet is good, right?  I'm new to this blogging thing, so go easy on me Internet.

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