Monday, March 2, 2015


When you read this I'll probably strolling on a beach in Lyme with W.  I hope you're doing something equally pleasant!

W and I made a day trip home last week and visited Lacy while were were there. She wanted to share a few words with you and made me promise to post this - click to see a bigger version.

Dear Readers,  I apologize in advance for the inadequacy of my words in conveying the happiness I see in my Anne lately.  (I’m told I am to refer to her gentleman friend as W.)  Anne and W called on me recently. They had finally spoken – after an eight year silence full of confusion and resentment and regret!  I saw how they look at each other, how they treat each other - with respect and support, and I wish I could capture it and show it to everyone, show them how it can be, how it should be.  Anne has probably told you I was not a big fan of W eight years ago. It’s true. He was young and arrogant and rash. That’s not why I advised Anne to turn down his proposal; I did that because she was too young and needed to find her path in life. I think I was right back then. Seeing them together now, both older and wiser, I think this will be good.  W clearly adores her, and it is good to see my Anne adored. She is always thinking of others before herself, always giving way so others will be satisfied. W won’t let her do that. Their biggest problem may be fighting over who gets to be most accommodating of the other.  Have you ever seen two people together and been able to tell in a moment that it is just right that they be together? That is Anne & W.   It’s beautiful.

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