Monday, August 25, 2014

Convincing Dad

The whole process for convincing Dad to do what he very clearly must do was embarrassing. Obviously things can’t continue as they have been, there has to be a change. Renting out the house and living somewhere cheaper is the least painful option. The alternative is to start selling assets and he refuses to even contemplate that.

Lacy and I had to employ every persuasive trick in our arsenal before he would consent.  In the end, I think it was flattery that did it - telling him that any tenant would be honoured to rent the estate home of the Elliots.  Anyway, it is done, he has agreed to let some key agents know the property is available for rent, should a suitable tenant come on the scene.  We are, of course, not to consider advertising it openly*. Let’s hope something comes of it – I’m not sure you can rent a place without advertising. It breaks my heart, the thought of our home not being ours anymore, but better to rent than be forced to sell.

So, weirdly, I have arrived home only to persuade my family to adopt a scheme that would have me leave this place.  While I know it is what has to be done, and I’m careful to be unwavering in front of Elizabeth and Dad, I do love it here and the thought of this not being our family home does hurt. This is where I picture Mom - on the patio and in the office. She always had organizing committees over, there was always a charity event being planned. Something about the firm but respectful way she commanded all those people was very satisfying to watch, even for a moody pre-teen.  Mom was the kind of person that could get people to do what needed to be done, and they would be happy to do it; she worked magic. These rooms are where I remember that most powerfully.

The thing that ultimately got Dad and Elizabeth on board was Lacy’s suggestion that they relocate to Bath**.  It’s a nearby seaside town where they both have many friends and find the social scene acceptable (and more lively than here, actually).  And it should be possible to live in style in Bath for far less than here.  Basically, they can keep up appearances while getting financially back on track.  Unfortunately for me, I really dislike Bath.  I tried to argue for a smaller place near here but that idea was met with complete silence while everyone contemplated how stupid I am… because obviously it would be mortifying to move to a smaller property in our own city.  By moving to Bath, we can all pretend that the purpose of the move is a change of scene, not a desperate attempt to get out of debt.

So, Bath, it is.

*It would be wrong to secretly post it on craigslist, right? 
** Not actually Bath - this is an alias place name. I'm feeling British today, apparently. Want some tea?


  1. Hi Anne. Did you end up posting to Craigslist? I got the sense you were only half-joking about that so I took a look but didn't see the listing. Not that I could rent it! I guess I was just being nosey.

    1. Ha - no, I haven't posted on craigslist.... we'll let Dad try his way first. But I reserve the right to change my mind!