Thursday, October 30, 2014

Surprise Visit

Mr. and Mrs. Croft were just here!

They are touring the region around their new city and took Mary up on her invitation to stop by. They seem nice; I’m relieved! They’re a very sweet couple - clearly still in love, which isn’t something you see often. Mrs. Croft was very sensitive to the fact that they have taken over a family home and reassured me that they were not planning any changes and are committed to maintaining the gardens. She made a point of saying glowing things about Mom’s garden in the back, saying she finds it the most inspirational space for her painting. I appreciated her tact about it all - it could have been very awkward but wasn't.  It's a relief to feel like the house and Mom's gardens are in good hands.

Mrs. Croft – Sophy - mentioned her brother was recently married, which rendered me unable to speak, until I realized she probably meant the other brother, since it would make more sense for her to give us news of the brother that used to live in the area rather than the one that simply visited once. Mr. Croft later mentioned “Sophy’s brother is coming to visit soon” but he wasn’t clear on which brother, so I’m left to agitate until someone shows up. Am I in danger of seeing him again? I’m honest enough to admit that the thought does bother me.

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