Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fire Lit

I had the best day!

 I met with the organizers of the local literacy program for kids - and they are aaaaaamazing. They were very generous with their time and advice when I told them what I was hoping to do in [city name redacted]. They offered to take me on as a volunteer. I’ll be working with kids in one of the after-school programs and I’ll be helping in the office with admin stuff so I can see that side of things. It’s an incredible opportunity - this program has won awards and the results they get with the kids are very impressive. They’re a perfect model for what I want to do. 

It was so wonderful to get positive encouragement about my project!! I've been in my own little bubble about this project, it’s such a relief to connect with others who are passionate and supportive - I did't realize how much I needed that.

Elizabeth and Dad are uninterested in this new development, of course, but Will is coming over for dinner shortly and I know he'll appreciate how great it is that I made this connection.

So excited!

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