Tuesday, January 6, 2015


While everyone else was all agog to ingratiate themselves with our illustrious distant relative, Ms. Dalrymple, I was renewing an acquaintance of my own - an old school friend that lives in Bath. 

Alicia and I were close friends when I was fourteen, when I lost my mother. She was kind to me when I most needed it. She helped me get through many school days where I didn't think I'd be able to hold it together. I honestly don't know what I would have done that year if she hadn't stepped up and supported me. Sadly, her family moved away a few years later, and we lost touch until I found her online recently.

She is newly divorced and having financial troubles because of the settlement. She used the divorce as an opportunity to move and came here to see a specialist for her severe arthritis.

I went to her place to see her yesterday and after some initial awkwardness we connected again - found that while both of us had changed, we still enjoyed each other’s company. We had a great afternoon, laughing over old times, laughing at our teenage selves and how innocent we were. It was wonderful. She has the same sense of humour I remember loving her for all those years ago, and this ability to make you forget all your woes. Despite her serious health problems, she was very cheerful. I found her very inspiring. I feel like she is once again helping save me from my own sadness, just like she did 13 years ago. Life is funny.

Good friends are good. And rare, it seems.


  1. I just discovered this blog during my lunch hour at work today, and it is utterly fan-TAS-tic! I got so caught up in it that I (don't tell the boss!) secretly kept reading it long after the salad and sandwich were finished (thank goodness it's not that busy at the office at the moment). Am breathlessly waiting to see what happens next. Anne - you GO girl! I am convinced that this New Year is going to bring a fantastic new upswing to your life!

    1. Hi! Welcome! And thanks for the kind words! Hope you don't get caught reading at work and that 2015 holds good things for all of us! :)