Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Truth

Because everyone is asking: no, I haven't managed to contact Wentworth yet. I mean, clearly I have to, and I will, but I need to figure out what to say and how to reach him. He's kind of a hard guy to contact.  It will happen. I promise I spend all of my spare time thinking about it and I am resolved to somehow see him in person and say what I need to say, even if it results in mortification or some other form of death due to social awkwardness and embarrassment.

I visited Alicia today. Walked to her apartment with my head full of thoughts of Wentworth - full of love and hope that it might still work out. I’m sure little songbirds trailed me down the street singing happy love tunes.

From Alicia I learned some surprising things. I don’t even know how to present the information. Basically I learned that Will is a selfish, heartless pretender.

It turns out that Alicia knows Will. Thus I have already solved the mystery of Will’s source of hearing about me. I would celebrate except for everything else I learned.

Like, Will and Alicia's husband were close friends. That, in fact, Will was responsible for talking her husband into several bad investments (in addition to talking him into spending lots of money on nonsense and parties - like spontaneous trips to Miami and $3000 a night VIP rooms in clubs). Alicia received the investment in Will’s company in the divorce settlement and has been trying to liquidate it so she has something to live on while dealing with her illness. And Will is effectively blockading her. He could, apparently, make it happen with a signature on a document but he has been stalling and ignoring Alicia for 8 months now. Her only recourse is to go to court, which she can’t afford to do. She is in limbo. And living in poverty because it is inconvenient for Will to lose the investment money from his venture.

She was initially rather reluctant to tell me all this about Will, having heard rumours that Will and I are dating. In fact, she thought my present Disney state of happiness was due to our concert date! I quickly squashed the idea of Will and I and she eventually told me how Will used to behave years ago. And it matches the doubts I've had about him, some of the references he’s made to places and pastimes that are…. less than respectable. It even seems that his previous relationship was an effort to get at the woman’s parents and convince them to be founding investors in his start up. Once he had secured the money, his efforts in the relationship faltered and the poor girl, very much in love with him, was wrecked by his neglect and apparent change of heart.

Alicia even understands Will’s change of heart towards my father. She says that she recalled his mocking the Elliot family name and legacy when Will and her husband were friends. Will mentioned, years ago, that Anne’s father was expressing a willingness to take him on as a mentor. Will openly mocked the idea. Now, however, it turns out that Dad has controlling shares in a company Will is heavily invested in and Will is hoping to persuade Dad to sell those shares to him for a song. When Alicia told me this, I nodded, thinking of all the business meetings they have had together - Will essentially directing Dad’s shares from behind the scenes until he can own them himself.

Me: And Will’s interest in me, how does that factor in? Does he think he’s more likely to succeed with Dad if he’s a son-in-law?

Alicia: Oh, as far as I know, that is genuine. Being with you, even marrying you, doesn't gain him any advantage. I think he honestly likes you. He's wealthy now and doesn't need to marry for investment capital.

I don’t know what to write beyond that.

I guess it’s a nice pat on the back to my judgment that I felt something about Will didn't ring true. Maybe Will isn't a terrible cut-throat villain. Isn't he just a business guy trying to get ahead? Is it wrong to use his family connection to gain a business advantage? But then I think of his ex-girlfriend, someone he halfheartedly pretended to love for four years simply to gain access to investment funds, and I want to punch him in the face. Emily knew her, said she watched her wither in the unhappy relationship - but she wouldn't leave; she loved Will, kept waiting for him to return to his original, charming, loving self.

I think back to the moment with Lacy where she had me contemplating a future with Will - maybe only for a minute, but I thought about it! What misery would have awaited me there, I wonder, if I had let myself be persuaded to believe Will to be as good as he pretends to be? How many times do I have to be taught to trust my own judgment!

I came home, having missed a visit by Will while I was at Alicia’s - thankfully - but he fished hard for a dinner invite, apparently. Clara made it sound like he wanted an excuse to spend time with Elizabeth, which was exactly the thing to say to make Beth happy. (Clara is good with the flattery.) So I’ll probably have to see him tonight. Don’t know how I’ll look him in the eye knowing what I know about him now.


  1. Ugh! It's good you know about all of that now, regardless how unpleasant it might be.

  2. Ugh! It's good you know about all of that now, regardless how unpleasant it might be.