Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I've thought it over and decided that I’m not mad at Will.

He’s a decent guy and we have good times together, it was a very natural time for him to make a move, if he was so inclined. And I’m flattered that he wanted to go there with me. I wonder what I would do if there wasn't a Wentworth in the picture? I honestly don’t know. Poor Will, though, he never had a chance.

I promised full honesty in this blog, and here it is: I still love Wentworth. Of course I do. I probably never stopped, I just went into stasis. Seeing him again after all these years - I was curious to know if he had changed or if I had changed so much that we no longer connected. And we both have changed but there is still something there, I think. He is better - more considered, more interested in listening to others. I am… more certain in myself and my abilities. Does that make sense?

And I owe Will this other thanks - for showing me that Wentworth must still care something for me, why else would he be so bent out of shape by seeing Will’s interest in me? And I guess I should thank Will for making me realize how fully Wentworth still has my heart - I can’t even contemplate being with someone else if there is a possibility I might have another chance with Wentworth.

Now it's a question of what do I do about it?

All the street graffiti I see lately is very on point.

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