Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I've been busy this week looking after my nephew. Mary's nanny has flown to visit her family for the rest of December and Mary can only handle my nephew's exuberance for a few hours at a time before she needs relief so I'm doing what I can. I'm struggling to find activities that keep him occupied, but we're getting by.

Louisa came over today and helped out for a few hours which was really nice. She got him down for his nap and we had tea and a nice chat. She admitted that she's having doubts about her plans to study abroad next semester, wondering if it would be better to stay here. She said she is worried about leaving her parents alone, since Rietta and Hal are probably moving away for work next year. I'm not sure I was much help in the advice department. I tried to remind her how excited she was recently about the opportunity travel and live somewhere new, but that I know her parents would love to have her nearby.

She mentioned just before heading back to the lodge that Wentworth wouldn't be around for the next few days. Apparently he was contacted by a local business incubator and he's spending a lot of time meeting with start ups and young business people, providing advice and feedback on their proposals, whatever he can do to help.  He's giving a free workshop today and has meetings tonight with some folks he started mentoring a few weeks ago. Louisa seemed down about not seeing him for a while, but they have a date for Friday at the very posh, romantic restaurant in town, so she's surviving.

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