Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wherein Mary's Head Explodes

We play the guess-who-Wentworth-likes game at the cottage here, but I know the real answer. It is neither. I am the outside observer at every evening gathering and outing and I can see he's not that serious about either of them. Oh sure, he flirts with them and enjoys their attention, but it is not serious, certainly not love, not yet. Hal seems to feel differently, however, and has not been at the Lodge for a few days. Mary is thrilled by this.

Here’s how last night's conversation at the cottage went:

Mary: Clearly he prefers Rietta - she has a degree, she is more capable of having a serious conversation. A guy like Wentworth is going to want a girlfriend who can hold her own with his business associates. Louisa is pretty and fun, but she would be utterly out of place in a networking party.

Charles: Louisa easily makes friends wherever she goes, Mary, I think she would do fine with Wentworth’s business buddies. Wentworth spends more time with Louisa - yesterday they went out for a walk in the woods together while Rietta was working.

Mary: Well that doesn't mean anything - if Rietta was working he didn't pick Louisa for the walk, did he?

Charles: He came to the Lodge knowing only Louisa would be there.

Mary - not having a rebuttal to this, changes the subject: When is Louisa leaving for Europe - is it January or February?

Me: She leaves in early February.

Mary: Oh yes. You know, I overheard Wentworth recommending she visit Eastern Europe - he said she should go to Latvia. Latvia! What an idea. What is there to see in Latvia - what great works of art? Something better than she’ll find in Florence or London or Paris? Wentworth is very nice but sometimes he has very strange ideas.

Me: Louisa has 6 months, it’s plenty of time to see a bit of everything. I’ve heard Eastern Europe is very charming.

Charles: I agree, I was in Prague on a business trip once - fabulous place. Great beer.

Mary’s head exploded at this point, what with two people disagreeing with her opinion. She felt a headache coming on and spent the rest of the day on the couch demanding tea.


  1. Hey Anne!
    I have to say I liked your post very much, especially because of Charles mentioning Prague. I am from Czech Republic, so the praise for Prague made my day... :)
    Thank you for your sharing. Cheers from CR! :)

  2. Hi Ester! I have a good friend who has visited Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic and loves it. I'd love to visit one day. (Thanks for reading a commenting - I had no idea anyone from so far away was reading this.)